Jun. 3rd, 2005

Thursday night, 3 AM:

I'm awaken by someone pounding on Benji's door. He barely wakes up, and I assume it's one of his roommates coming back from the bars drunk. I hear Sheskey talking loudly and then I hear a girl. Maybe him and Andrea are fighting?

The pounding comes again and this time we hear Sheskey say, "Benji, get up!" He opens his door a crack and is greeted by some girl (taller and larger than himself) who is trying to push her way in, yelling "Where is Theresa?!?" Of course, I'm immediately all like, "Who the fuck is that?" and the girl yells back "Theresa!? Is that you?" Benji says, "No, that's my girlfriend, Jess." and shuts the door.

We hear a little more arguing between Sheskey and the mystery girl.. and then pounding on Benny's door. Then, silence. Benji and I head out to the living room where Sheskey, Benny and Ashley are standing, staring at the front door.

Apparently.. some girl broke into their apartment. She went straight to Sheskey's room. At first, he didn't think anything of it - he thought it was me and that I had accidentally gone into the wrong room. That is until the girl sat on the bed, and it sank. He said, "Wow Jess, did you put on some weight?" I guess the girl barked back, "Who's Jess?" and that woke Sheskey right up. He told the girl to get out of their apartment, but she refused to leave, that's when he called on Benji and Benny as reinforcements.

When the cops showed up, we all huddled next to the window to get in on the OPD action. The girl, who called herself Becky, kept yelling that she wasn't drunk and that she was just looking for her friends. The officers asked for a friend's name so they could take her there, but ended up with nothing. After a little more arguing, the girl said, "I don't understand why you're here harassing me.. there are people getting killed in Milwaukee and you're here with me. Do I look like a murderer or a rapist? No. So why don't you go do your job?" A few minutes later she said, "This is my car right here.. and I'm going to get in and drive home." The officer responded, "Good. Then I can pull you over and take you to jail." The girl kept trying to get her key in the lock but one major problem stood in her way - it wasn't her car! It was Benji's neighbors car. Finally, the police cuffed her and put her in the cop car.

They came back up to talk to us.. saying she wanted to come back in and the only way they could take her to jail and hold her for the night would be for one of the guys to press trespassing charges (and then drop them in the morning if they wanted). Sheskey agreed. The cop thanked him and explained that they had gotten two previous calls about the same girl.. I guess at the bars she kept trying to get into people's cars and when the owners of the cars drove off she screamed that someone had just stolen her car.

Wow. Just.. wow.



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