Jul. 27th, 2005

Rant 1: EAA

Rest assure that I'm going to get into an even bigger rant about the wonderful EAA, but for now I'll keep it minimal. WHY ON EARTH IS THE SOUTH PARK AVE. EXIT BLOCKED OFF?? WHY???? That's like, right where the fucking tourists need to get off. You might be saying, "Well Jess, they don't want all that traffic there." To which I'll reply, THE NEXT EXIT IS 9TH AVE. The 9th Ave exit and ALL the intersections around there are BUSIER THAN SOUTH PARK COULD EVER BE. WHY IS ALL THIS TRAFFIC BEING DIRECTED TO AN EVEN BUSIER PART OF TOWN?? At 6:30 at night!! All I want to do is come home and relax - not spend 20 minutes dealing with stupid fuckers who don't know what GREEN ARROWS and TURN ONLY lanes are. askldfjklasjdfkljkl;ashjg.

Rant 2: Lame AIM

My Buddy List has 179 people. I'd say about 10 of them aren't lame. Seriously. The other night, well over half of my Lame List was watching Laguna Beach, as mentioned before. And now, I'm going through reading profiles and whatnot and I'd say about half (probably the same people) have that "when you dream, dream big" song quoted. Don't they realize that by latching on to a song like that it instantly becomes lame? Sure, it may be an awesome song.. inspirational.. whatever.. but when it gets overused like that it quickly becomes the "overplayed song I never want to hear EVER AGAIN."

Now, I admit, I don't KNOW all of the people on my buddy list. About 30 are in a section called "stalkers" because they clicked an AIM Spy at one time and I got their screen name and I have no CLUE who they are. Another 50 I know or at least know OF, but I can't say I've ever actually had an intense AIM conversation with them. So I guess they can be excused from lameness.. they can't help it. But what the hell is the deal with the other 100 people?

Conclusion: I need to do some serious cleaning of my buddy list.
Another Conclusion: You're all pretty awesome on here, so maybe you should add me and shoot me a line so I an add you back. Then we'll become super close friends and you'll be helping purify my list.

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