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My three weeks of classroom training are over. Yay! Next week starts "nesting", which is when we buddy up with someone and one of us is on the phones for four hours while the other observes and then after lunch we switch. He partnered me up with Rebecca, thank Og.

Now I have a question for you guys out there who know a lot about cars. Last week, my car wouldn't start at lunch - I mean, it would only turn my radio and air conditioner on and my gas needle.. thing.. would jump up, but my car wouldn't start. It wouldn't turn over either. Benji got it working somehow.. and.. it happened again the following day so I decided to take it in. They told me my alternator was shot and that I needed a new battery (and then some other stuff they recommended). $400 later.. I thought my car was fixed. That is until two days after getting "repaired", I got stranded in a parking lot because my car refused to start. My mom's boyfriend came to look at it and he got it started, but it made this awful sound.. almost like when you hold the key in the ignition too long and it screeches, but worse. I took it back to the mechanic and left it there and called them first thing in the morning. They looked at it again and this time determined the problem was the starter. So they replaced that. My dad went to pick it up for me because I wouldn't be back from work before they closed and they charged him $300. I guess my question is, is it really possible that both the alternator and starter needed to be replaced? Or did they fix the wrong thing the first time because they couldn't find the problem? Because, when I took it in the first time, it was working fine for them - it wasn't until the second time that they couldn't get it started. I don't know anything about cars.. I just have a feeling something's not quite right. And I don't want to go back in and bitch if I don't have any grounds to back it up. If both things needed to be replaced, then fine, buuuut.. I just want to be sure.

Other than that.. not much has been going on.

Oh! I FINALLY got my pictures from CUSA developed, so I'll post some soon. Um yeah, that roll of film was so old.. I had a picture of Ann vacuuming up pine needs from a Christmas tree at her oooold apartment on High Street. Hahaha.

Whatevs, I'm out.
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