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Good morning.

So.. Benji dropped me off about 10 minutes ago. Coming from Ohio, my block was blocked off by a cop car and those orange barrier things. We went down to 10th.. blocked. Down to 9th and back up to 11th on Rugby.. that side's blocked too. Since I'm the second house from the corner, he just walked me home.

As I reached my driveway, a SWAT guy jumped up from behind my neighbor's SUV with a rifle in his hand. Um, hello. I was going to say, "I just live here and want to go hoooome", but I'm pretty sure I was too petrified to speak.

My dad says this has been going on since 11 last night. And at some point he heard the police say, "Come out with your hands up!"

What the fuck is going on around here?

UPDATE - 10:20 AM

About 40 minutes ago an armoured car parked in the driveway across the street and about five houses down. They were talking to this guy through a megaphone and told him to call 911 if he wanted to resolve this peacefully. They kept at it for 15 or so minutes and finally left. And now there's dead silence.

Ho.. ly.. crap.


Almost immediately after that last update, they came back. Gotta love having a camera phone.

This is the view from the upstairs window towards Rugby. Look at all those nosey people!

Here's the view looking the other way. Check out the sweet armoured vehicle on the front lawn.

The armoured vehicle turning around in my neighbor's driveway. And I circled the SWAT guy that's been there all morning.

They mean business! They pull up right next to the house and used a pole to bang on the upstairs window.

And now it's back to silence.

Date: 2005-08-14 04:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] licoricewhip17.livejournal.com
bad boys, bad boys.. whatchya gonna dooooooooo.. whatchya gonna do when they come for you..

isn't that just insane?? one of the guys i take care of here at work has been listening to this whole ordeal on his police scanner.

i remember when they blocked off the streets down by my friend gregory's house, those swat people were just crazy. this girl i know tried to walk down the street to have someone pick her up to get out of there, and this swat guy practically jumped her (which is understandable given the situation, but still pee-your-pants scary.) at every street we went down, trying to get around it all, there were cops blocking the way with oozie-like guns. freeeeeeeeeak-yyyy.

i bet that this guy who is all standoffish just did something stupid that would have led to little or no jail time, but after a stunt like this, using so many city resources and scaring the bajeezus out of the neighbors, he'll be lucky to see daylight anytime in the near future.



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